MMmmm Pizza!

I LOVE pizza! The only thing equivalent to Papa John's pizza with the garlic dipping sauce in my world, is.. well home made pizza! And thats just what we had last night for dinner.

Hamburger Pizza
 Flour (If i use wheat dough, I use wheat flour!)
 Corn meal
 Hamburg- I used about a 1/2lb
 Mozzarella Cheese (as much as you want!)
 Sauce (I dont like alot of sauce on my pizza..)
 Spices (I used salt, pepper and pizza seasoning)
 Pizza dough (I buy the dough in the bakery freezer- mainly b/c I dont have a kitchen aid stand mixer, I've tried to make by hand once.. it wasnt pretty :)
 (usually when i make pizza, i melt some butter, add garlic and parsley, then rub it with a silicone brush on the "crust" )
Step 1- make husband brown up the hamburg, make sure he adds the salt and pepper, while he is doing this, lightly flour your surface and flatten out dough. (you can use a rolling pin, or slap it out- I leave that method to MB when we make pizza together!)
Step 2- Sprinkle cornmeal on your cooking surface; pizza stone, put dough on pizza stone, and dock the dough - I use a fork, I stab the dough until I feel satisfied :) make sure to not stab your "crust" you still want that to rise up.
Step 3- Slop on your sauce (I sprinkle the pizza seasoning at this point)
Step 4- Cheese it up to your liking
Step 5- Add your husbands nicely browned hamburg.
Step 6- Bake at 450 degrees (or whatever the package for your dough says) for 10-12minutes.



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