mmmm I love banana's! And they are even yummier with chocolate on them!!!

Chocolate Covered Banana's
 Any topping you would like- I used pecans
 Chocolate pieces
 wax paper

Step 1- cut up banana's to desired sizes.
Step 2- Line a cookie sheet with wax paper, place banana pieces on it- place in freezer until you are done with step 3.
Step 3- Melt chocolate according to package.
Step 4- Spoon chocolate over the banana pieces- then sprinkle with your topping of choice. DO NOT put the banana pieces into the chocolate to cover.. when you get a few done your chocolate will be all sorts of funk- globbed up.. and no matter what you do.. it will not work nicely again- dont ask how i know :)
Step 5-When all pieces are finished place into freezer, after about an hour transfer them into an air tight container. (before eating let sit out for 10mins.. other wise your going to the dentist for the chipped tooth!- No I didnt do that!) Enjoy!



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